Our Workshops

Saturday Workshops

The Quinn Centre Saturday workshops are back and better than ever! With a new location in Jacksons Lane Theatre, new workshops and new special guests, there’s never been a better time to come and get involved.

The Saturday workshops aim to bring together children from the age of 7 – 11 and give them the chance to experience new things, practice important life skills and have fun with new friends. Each workshop will be led by a special guest facilitator with a unique set of skills and experience. With workshops ranging from drama and music to filmmaking and pottery, there’s always something to inspire and engage.

Each session is run by a team of teachers, youth workers and child therapists and provide a fun and safe space that helps children develop confidence, social skills, creativeness and team work.

Upcoming workshops include drama, team building, photography, film making and the return of the ever-popular music workshop with Adam and Bert. For more information on dates and times, be sure to check the calendar and events page.



Tabletop Gaming Workshop

Tabletop role playing games bring together a group of people to create an adventure that is both a story and a game. The contents of this story can range from sneaking into an abandoned cave to search for a dragon’s treasure to exploring alien worlds in the deepest depths of space. The only limit is the imagination of the players.

Players take on the roles of characters which they create from scratch, while one player serves as the gamemaster. The gamemaster provides the story, obstacles to overcome, scenarios to act out and a whole host of characters to interact with.
During the sessions, players will spend time creating and discussing their characters. Who are they? What are their skillsets? Do they approach conflict with diplomacy, or charge in head first? These decisions are crucial to the way they play the game and interact with others within the world.

Tabletop roleplaying games promote a wide range of important life skills. Games require imagination, decision making, empathy, problem solving as well as team work and socializing. The roleplaying workshop aims to practice and improve these skills in a safe and fun environment all while building confidence and making new friends



Devising Theatre workshop

Devising theatre brings together a group of people to consider the world around them and turn those observations into live storytelling. It is a collaborative effort. Everyone’s voice is heard and everyone’s ideas are valued as we produce work that is both informed by our individual stories and collective experience.

Using various forms including drama exercises, improvisational games, creating text and using movement to build characters and worlds- the group will begin to get a sense of the story they want to tell and the way they want to tell it.

Devising theatre is all about discovery, play and reflection; exploring subjects that interest us in a safe and supportive environment. It encourages an open mind, self-expression and an opportunity to build confidence as it throws away the rule book and builds towards a deeply personal and original piece of theatre.